We had another great year at the assessment tours with our 3yo fillies.

Ablue Moon’s Starlet O’Hara

Daisy was awarded National High Score 3yo & Over on the 2018 ASPR Assessment Tour. Daisy was assessed as a 3yo by German Assessor Frank Weisskirchen, to gain her 1st Premium award. She gained a high score of 79% for her conformation, including an 8 for overall type and an 8 for her walk, and 7.5 for trot / canter. He said she would make a very suitable broodmare down the track and he was very complimentary about her super conformation.

Skyline Park Legacy

Hope was accessed by the ACE as a 3yo with good comments from Gerd Kuest including “Very pretty, nice typed mare, good topline, compact build with good set neck” She received a huge conformation score of 82% with mostly 8’s , 8.5 for overall type, 8 for correctness in gaits and an overall score of 77.25%.